New Year

View A Prayer For The New Year Background

View A Prayer For The New Year Background. With service to god and mankind, with inspired creative activity. For many reading this, last year would have been a year full of pain, disappointment, trepidation, heartache or loss.

New Year's prayer. "Thank you Lord for this past year and ...
New Year's prayer. "Thank you Lord for this past year and … from

What do you say to a people to prepare them for a year that will contain trials and tribulations that, if we knew what they were, many would give up now? In our scripture text, paul offers all that we need in order to be ready for the issues and pressures of life; May god grant us the request of our hearts as we delight ourselves in him.

Help us to truly celebrate the gifts you have graciously given us.

Some singles might feel lost or even discouraged with high expectations for new year's resolutions, changing of habits, pursuing new plans and goals, and/or the challenges of looking for a mate. Whatever your need, blessings, new opportunities. Starting the day off with morning prayer was always important to the early christians and their prayers often invoked the. And so i throw myself on your mercy, dear god.

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